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1 Mar 02, 2005 20:21    

I'm using the kubric skin modified by EdB (THANKS!) But I seem to be kinda lost. Should'nt I be able to get the calendar.php to show on each "blog"? I went into the kubric folder an thought i was uncommenting so the calendar would show, nope.....sheesh...i am sooo lost :roll:

2 Mar 03, 2005 01:57

I don't know much about the Kubrick skin, but I did view your source, which lists the base href as ""

Which, for grins, (to see if I could see your _main.php, which is where I'd find out if your calendar.php file is called, called correctly, where it's called and all that (to try and help you).

But I didn't see ANY files in that directory ... the page is just blank for me ... no 403 error, no "Parent Directory" ... just blank. (In comparison, I can see files in your other skin folders).

1) Are the files contained in this directory (_main.php, _archives, etc.) and

2) To help you better, it might help if you can post the part of the _main.php where the _calendar.php file is called (I don't use a calendar, but I imagine, if it's called like other stuff, that it would look like that).

3 Mar 03, 2005 08:53

In kubrick2evo, there's a blank index.html, which will be the new default once I get round to changing them, since it offers increased security.

As to the calendar...
1) is the _calendar.php file uploaded?
2) Copy the section from your _main.php that calls the calendar file here so we can have a look.

4 Mar 03, 2005 10:32

Ok, so I'm looking at and well, I'm not seeing a lot of stuff, it is actually pretty empty. There is no calendar call, nor is there a plug-in call for blogger. Am I even in the right Dir? Or should the particular .php be located in /skins/what ever skin?
From what you guys are saying "more secure and just for grinsis my site wide open 8| ?

A learning curve is one thing, but this kid is trying to scale a wall

I'm off, More reading....

5 Mar 03, 2005 12:10

b2evocore containes the core files for the application to work. From what I pick up from your posts about your technical level, leave those alone for a bit. When modifying any skin, you should be in your skin's own directory. In your case it will be skins/kubrick2evo.

These manual pages will help you:

The part about the blog list is out of date, but the rest still stands (I think).

That one is totally up to date.

Now, post your calendar section from kubrick2evo/_main.php

6 Mar 03, 2005 20:31

Thanks Graham!!! that worked! :D

what can I say, simple things amuse simple minds

7 Mar 04, 2005 21:11

dilusional, glad you got things sorted out! Back to your wide open site:

Dont' worry ... mine was wide open too! ACK! 8|

I fixed it though ...

Now, if you try to view a directory at you'll be denied.

Plugging the hole was easy (depending on how many different .htaccess files you have, because there is the POTENTIAL to put one in EVERY directory), but generally, on a new domain, there's only one ... very near the root directory.

If you don't have a .htaccess file there, you can create one in a simple text editor.

In that file, add the line:

Options -Indexes

This will shut down random searching/viewing/downloading of files from any of the directories below that point. IF, for some reason, you want a directory to have access, just add a .htaccess in THAT directory and add the line:

Options +Indexes

Try it out. Now your site (like mine) won't be wide open. (Of course, you'll have to figure out how I got that custom error message) ;)

I see you're in Denver ... I did a fair bit of consulting in Aurora & worked downtown some. Nice city. Esp 17th Street area. Red Rocks ... great venue for a concert. :D

8 Mar 04, 2005 22:06

Hey STK,

I had followed your conversation on the traversable dir, that will be my next issue, looks simple though. You are right when you say it isn't something a newbie would even think about, thanks for the clue :idea:

BTW, nice blog, aesthetically very clean and nice, good job!

9 Mar 04, 2005 23:48

Thanks for the compliment. The truth is, I get kinda sick of looking at my own blog, see others and wish I had done things differently. *Sigh* The grass is always greener ...

If you have any questions re transversable dirs or custom error pages, let me know. (It's all fresh in my mind ;) having just done it). Feel free to email me, if you like.


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