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1 Mar 05, 2005 17:58    

Hey guys,

I've made a website for a local band but I have decided to update it. I was rather hoping that it could all be powered by b2evo.

Currently the news is powered by b2, then there is an "about page" which features info on each band member. The band members can edit this information through a PHP control panel I have made (it's all PHP-MySQL based). There is also a gigs page and a set list page which are also powered by PHP and MYSQL. The other pages are just PHP pages and cannot be edited via any control panel.

What I would like is this:
- NEWS PAGE: This would be the "all blogs" blog of b2evo and would show everything
- GIGS PAGE: This would show upcoming gigs. I would need users to be able to select the date of the gig, but I would also like this information to be placed in the news page, so I would like the date it is posted to feature on the news page
- SET LIST PAGE: This would show all songs played by the band, it would only require a title and artist

And possibly:
- ABOUT PAGE: Users would be able to edit their info in their profile in b2evo which I would like to customise to have fields for instrument played, favourite bands, etc.

For pages like the Set List Page, I was rather hoping that I would be able to remove and/or add fields in the posting page as it would probably be too confusing for the users, who aren't particularly computer literate, to have to input certain info to fields with irrelevant labels.

I hope all of that makes sense, although it's highly unlikely!

Could someone suggest how I could do this in b2evo, with already available plugins or by hacking the code myself - or could you suggest an alternative script which can do what I require.

Thanks very much in advance,

2 Mar 05, 2005 23:16

well, it's possible with b2evo, but it's not easy.
i suggest - ppl don't flame me - to use another script for you needs. maybe drupal.

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