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1 Mar 07, 2005 01:20    

I made a site to expand the usage of b2evo, mainly to convert my friends from Xanga.

It's not completely complete yet but all the registration and login and posting works fine.

Anyways go check it out at

Unlike's offer this site will automatically install b2evo upon registration and is more like where you just register and use it without need of server or programming knowledge.

Note: I had to put a small text ad on every blog to cover hosting costs.

2 Mar 07, 2005 01:26

and you posted this to "Installation support" because you needed something?

its a nice ideal all the same, and Im impressed further because of your age. However, something loads tremendously slow on both nethue and your site comihng from the domain, Also, unless youre going to focus on hosting for friends you might want to consider an e-mail addy other than a yahoo one. My experience is that people that look at support e-mails prefer them to be a little less impermanent, ie pointing to the domain or an ISP.

my 2 cents, well done

3 Input Mar 07, 2005 01:29


Umm no. The other one was also posted here so I thought it would make sense to post it here also.

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