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1 Mar 07, 2005 19:48    

Does anyone know the settings to post via email using Google's Gmail?
I've tried every different config but can't seem to find out the port en mailserver...

2 Mar 08, 2005 02:33

Its either 21 or 110...I think.

What is really best is if you set up an email on yourwebserer so you can dash off an meail to

3 Mar 08, 2005 14:54

I don't know how to install such a thing on my server.
Besides, it's not even my server :D

I have hosted my blog at

4 Mar 22, 2005 15:52

GMail doesn't use the standard pop port of 110. Instead it used port 995 which is SSL.
Unfortunatly simply changing to port in the advanced.config to 995 doesn't work. You will get a timeout error every time (doesn't matter how long your timeout is, I think it's hanging at login).

I too would like to know if it's possible in b2evo to use GMail.
Right now I guess I'd say it's not. The log files say that it's trying to use port 995 to connect, but it's not connecting for some reason.

Any help would be appreciated.

5 Mar 22, 2005 16:36

That would be sweet if you could do that

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