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1 Mar 08, 2005 03:21    

take a look at my permalink

Smae problem with comments too!

what did I do wrong & how do I fix it?

2 Mar 08, 2005 03:43

If you look at the source it seems the <h4> tags are the problem. A quick look at your custom.css shows:

h4 {
	margin:0px 0px -20px 0px;
	color: #D65725;

If you change that margin -20px to 0px it seems to put those lines where they belong. However, by changing that it may affect your main blog page in a way you don't want. Some trial and error may be in order.

Hope that helps.

3 Mar 08, 2005 04:00

Nate is SPOT on.

Changing the h4 bottom margin from -20px to 0px puts a whole new spin on things (one that you can actually READ!) :D

It's ALL good (just ain't all that EASY!)


PS - Very nicely designed header ... simple & elegant.

One suggestion, bump up the text size a tad. Next to impossible to read the fine print (gray) under the comment fields (and even in the post itself) ... using FireFox (and those glasses on my head) ;) . (I wouldn't recommend going any smaller than 85% in your body selector in layout.css ... and I like 90% better.)

75% is just going to really LIMIT your audience. (Which isn't a problem, I suppose, if you don't mind limiting your audience to folks under 40 years of age, who have eagle eyes).

Just a thought.

4 Mar 09, 2005 03:35

Thank you guys-got it fixed. Now I'm running into something else...

The header that says "Tips for men" has a lot of space between it and the content right below. No matter what I've tried I couldn't get it tightened up withour bringing back the previous problem that you all so generously helped me with ;)

Now I've also somehow caused the little header that says "Archives" has become grey & tiny. I want this to look the same as the "Tips for men" but without the extra space.

5 Mar 09, 2005 03:56

NM-got it! :D

For anyone that runs into the same problem-attention to detail!!! I created new h tags in the CSS to format those parts in the main.php - however I called them the wrong h tag in main.php

Thanks everyone for your help through this endevor ;)

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