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1 Mar 09, 2005 14:07    


I want to change the URL of 'posts_nav_link' (the links 'Previous' and 'Next' on the right side). Instead of:
I want:

Can I modify the parameters? Thank you very much.

BTW... Is there any option to change the base URL on the whole document? I tried by modifying (on the template):
<base href="http://www.FOO.NET" />
but it does not work

2 Mar 09, 2005 17:29

I'm not really sure why you'd want to do this (unless you've changed domain), but all you do is crack open conf/_config.php and edit the $baseurl to be whatever you want.

3 Mar 10, 2005 14:38

Hi Graham. That's what I finally did.

Thank you very much.

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