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Email and AIM button

Started by on Mar 11, 2005 – Contents updated: Mar 11, 2005

Mar 11, 2005 17:30    

Hey all I have searched high and low for this info but can't find it on the forums.
How do I do these two things?

I want to add buttons for my site for AIM, MSN

I have seen this done with buttons you just click on it and its adds you to their contact list.

Also wanted to add a mailto button. Like a gmail button.

I have been fooling around with some different code I have found but it wont work for me.

Thanks all in advance

Mar 11, 2005 19:10

An email thing would go:

<a href="">Email me!</a>

and AIM would go:

<a href="aim:goim?screenname=yoursnhere&message=Put+a+default+message+here">AIM  me!</a>

This makes the person message you, with whatever you put as a default message (+s between the words!) for MSN, I don't think it can be done. I think it can be done on YM, but I'm not sure how, I can check if you want it though. :D

Mar 11, 2005 19:37

Thanks and you would add an image to both of these how?

Thanks a bunch for the current info

Mar 12, 2005 00:16

With images:


<a href=""><img src="imagelocation.gif" border="0" alt="gmail me!"></a>


<a href="aim:goim?screenname=yoursnhere&message=Put+a+default+message+here"><img src="imagelocationhere.gif" border="0" alt="Aim me!"</a>


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