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Started by on Mar 11, 2005 – Contents updated: Mar 11, 2005

1 Mar 11, 2005 20:28    

Hi everybody !

I am just starting to use B2evolution - which is great by the way ..thanks to th creators ! - .
I would like to put in a post (not in the template) some Javacode such :

<script language="JavaScript" src="" ></script><noscript><a href=''>GEOLOC</a></noscript>

(It is a script from to see who is actually visitng the blog on a map)

But I have the following answer : Forbiddent mark for <script> and <noscript> ( I hope it is the correct translation from french).

Is there any solution make it work ?

Thanks a lot !

2 Mar 12, 2005 03:11

Hello. Welcome to the b2evo fourms. :D

There are (2) solutions - (1) quick and (2) permanent.

(1) go to the /conf directory and edit the _formatting.php file. Look for the line that turns "html checker" on [1] ... change it to [0] and upload it.

This will turn off the html checking and your post will sail through. (Once it's in the DB, there is no need to check it again, unless you edit it at some later date).

do not forget to turn the html checker back on, by re-uploading the file with html_checker=1; again

(2) In that same file, you may add the <script> tag. In addition to the tag, you will also need to add whatever attributes that you'll need.

I cannot provide specific instructions, but look at the other tags and attribute definitions and I think you will be able to figure out how to add the tag and attributes.

Hope this helps.

If I were using your script ... I'd put a pin in for Edmonton, Canada. ;)

3 Mar 12, 2005 15:13

Thanks for the tip ! I used solution (1) and it works perfectly well !

Thanks a lot !

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