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1 Oct 11, 2003 18:56    

Howdy all,

Here's a unique use of b2evolution, or at least I think it's unique. I have a news website for my local city in which I post links and excerpts of stories concerning our area. I had developed a custom database back-end for it but stopped using it about 6 months ago when I switched it over to a new server.

I have just finished getting the basic b2evo setup. I'm still going to add an archive, custom category view, probably phpPolls, and maybe a few other goodies.

One thing that is unique (at least right now) is that the "Other Headlines" section is being generated entirely silent, then put in the proper columns and displayed. I'll have the updated functions that allow for silent operation on the CVS soon.

Anyhow, just thought I would share this with ya'll. Let me know what you think.

Travis S.

2 Oct 11, 2003 20:27

what? I see your blog page has no link to b2evolution? :!:

how can this be? :?:

3 Oct 11, 2003 21:14

It's still a work in progress :)

4 Oct 11, 2003 21:20

This site proudly supports open source software!

Along with the banner... :)

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