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1 Mar 16, 2005 17:52    

I installed b2 yesterday and I feel like giving up and going back to manual blogging with old fashioned html. Why isn't there a "dummies" manual for those of us who have no idea what stub means, what back office is etc.

Anyway, I'd like to add in a bunch of webrings that will show up on the first page. I've tried a search of the forum and can't find anything. Would I just put the html code for them in the linkblog?

(Right at the moment, I hate b2. Does anyone else feel like after just having installed it?)

2 Mar 16, 2005 18:03

Yeah, a manual would be great.

We need one just like this: :D

(Look in the Getting Started section. That should answer most questions)

3 Mar 16, 2005 18:07

*sigh* Yes Graham, thank you. This is the sort of thing I mean. I've gone through that manual with a fine tooth comb and it doesn't tell me anything I can understand or can do. Thank you for your comment. I think I'll go back to manual blogging. I really hate b2 now, more than I did when I wrote my comment above. Thank you.

4 Mar 16, 2005 18:24

you can do a lot with b2.
And perhaps, you can do too mutch with it for being new to this.

if you don't want to use stub files (whatever they may be) you can do it without the stubs.

When you installed b2evo, it asked if you wanted to use stubs or not.
Have you answered yes or no ?

5 Mar 16, 2005 18:29

Thanks Topanga. I don't use the stubs files thing, I just meant, I have no idea what that is. I've tried putting webrings in the linkblog and it didn't work. I've had enough, I'm obviously far too stupid for b2. So it's back to manual blogging. Thanks.

6 Mar 16, 2005 18:33

Ok then, since you mention that you used to blog manually with html, I'll assume you're happy with html, css etc etc.

Crack open skins/custom/_main.php in your favourite text editor and just pop in the code in your sidebar section (if you want it elsewhere, the basic principle applies, it still goes in _main.php). The sidebar starts at this piece of code:

<!-- =================================== START OF SIDEBAR =================================== -->

So to get it formatted how you want, you'd need to wrap it in the appropriate class.

<div class="bSideItem">
Your webring code here

PHP isn't all that scary when making skins, it's just xhtml with a high self opinion. Sorry if my last post sounded rude, but it really sounded like you hadn't read the manual...

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