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1 Mar 17, 2005 10:21    

I just enabled my smilies toolbar. This is the ONLY think I've done to the smilies so far. I opened up _smilies.config.php to see about adding some of my own smilies, and I noticed this one listed:

// ':? :' = > 'icon_question.gif',

I also have the icon for this one in my img folder... but, it doesn't show up on the toolbar!
Any ideas why? (the space after the question mark and in the 'arrow' are only there to make it display properly here - they aren't there in the file)

Oh, also.... why do only some of the entries in _smilies.config.php start with the double slash // ?

2 Mar 17, 2005 15:10

// means comment
so if you want to there smiles, delete the // and they work.

3 Mar 17, 2005 21:46

Duhh.... I THOUGHT that's what the double slashes did, but I thought I saw a smiley in there that had them and was still displaying. That's what happens when you try to learn this stuff at 2:30 in the morning....


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