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1 Mar 19, 2005 16:05    

I'm having trouble installing b2. I've edite the config file, uploaded everything, but when I try and access the install page it says

"Please, do not access this page directly."

At first I thought it was a firefox error, but it does then same in IE.

Am I doing something wrong? >_>

This is highly frustrating.. vbulletin wasn't as hard to install as this --;

3 Mar 19, 2005 17:24

As it said in the readme file, I uploaded everything I need to. As I want my b2 to be at the root of my domain, that's where I uploaded the files.

So basically I'm going to my domain root/install

4 Mar 19, 2005 17:28

I can't help any more than I have without a link to see what's going on for myself. Like I said, I've only ever seen these errors when I've tried to hit a file that's only use is for inclusion in another file.

6 Mar 19, 2005 17:39

Try re-downloading it, and then use the configuration wizard instead of editing the file directly.

7 Mar 19, 2005 18:06

Got it working now.

Thanks. :)

8 Mar 19, 2005 18:37

delete the /install directory

9 Mar 19, 2005 18:39

Nearly forgot about that lol!

10 Mar 19, 2005 18:40

i saw .. I wont tell anyone all that nifty info I saw ;)

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