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1 Mar 20, 2005 05:35    

I'd like to be able to use FCKeditor as the write entry form. I'm well on the way to getting this in place on the CVS version but I need help with a few things.

First, how can I allow the span tag to have the style attribute? FCKeditor bolds things using the style attribute on the span tag and they claim XHTML compatibility so I want to allow this. I think the setting is in the config _formatting file but I haven't figure out what I need to change there to allow this.

Secondly, I do not want $content to be format_to_edit. How can I get $content to be regular HTML? Is this format_to_output?


2 Mar 24, 2005 03:14

*bump* I don't have time to muck around in the codebase to find this and it's not documented AFAIK, so this mod is sitting on a shelf until someone can get me this information or I have a lot of time to spare (unlikely).

3 Mar 28, 2005 08:44

Hey Ben,

I've been using FCKEditor for my blog editing for some time now. You're right to assume that all you have to do is make some changes to the _formatting.php file.

If you look in the _formatting file there is an area that defines an array called $allowed_attributes.

Around line 244 you'll see:

'span' => A_attrs,

to add the style functionality, the simplest thing to do is:

'span' => A_attrs.' style',

alternatively you could redefine A_attrs to include the style attribute.

You'll probably run across this problem with other tags as well (as i did) but you can just add the required attributes you need. <br> was one of them i found that i needed as well ( i use firefox and it adds customs br attributes )

Anyways, it's sweet using FCKEditor with b2evo. I've set up b2evo at work and everyone loves using the FCFKeditor with it.

Regarding your second question, i'm not sure what you mean so i can't really offer any assistance. What do you mean by "format_to_edit" ?


4 Mar 28, 2005 08:54

This message referrs to the CVS version:
When you're editing a post what shows up in the edit pane (your existing post) is stored in the $content variable which is then displayed in the edit window. I've found that $content comes from the format_to_edit function which plays with the html (escapes it) so it displays correctly in the standard text box. The problem is that when you use FCKeditor it just displays the code itself (because it has all been escaped) instead of parsing it and displaying it in WYSIWYG format. I'm asking how I can force $content (the post to edit) in straight html format which FCKeditor will parse and display correctly for editing.

5 Jun 13, 2005 02:48

I've been using FCKeditor for almost a month and its working good with my b2evo.

My question...

1. How can i make textarea into bigger one? With FCKeditor, the box is kinda small.

2. How do I use blockquote feature on it? I didnt see icon for it?

3. Upload image doesnt work correctly, I had to copy and paste file url address and insert into FCKeditor after I uploaded it.

Ay suggestions?


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