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1 Mar 22, 2005 15:44    


I recently set up a travel log for my sister who's traveling the world. Throughout her journies they're posting pictures and a log of their trip. It seems her husband's entries are very long and indepth so there would be a lot of scrolling if we didn't categorize them. So we made up categories for each country (continent/region) they travel to and put each entry in their appropriate category.
The category links work great for all the entries in the current month, but that's it. Let's say I want to view an entry from January, but its in category "United States". Now I have entries for the US in both January and March, but the category link for "United States" only shows March's entries and if I click the January archives link, it shows all categories.
Is it possible, to show all entries for "United States" if that category link is chosen?

Thanks for your help.

2 Mar 22, 2005 16:20

This won't display all of the posts, but it will allow you to navigate through them. This is context sensitive, so if you're looking at the archives for a particular month, it will scroll through them, or if you're looking at a particular category, it will only display the posts of that cat.

Anyway, you can put this anywhere in your _main.php file, as long as it's not within the posts loop (the part that says -- START OF POSTS -- to -- END OF POSTS --).

<p class="center"><strong>
<?php posts_nav_link(); ?>

You obviously don't need to use the formatting, it will just centre the link.

3 Mar 22, 2005 16:26

Hey, that works great!
Thanks for your quick help on this!


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