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1 Mar 29, 2005 10:43    

Is this a bug? - but seems to have got onto the centralized domain blacklist. Which isn't going to be good if you want an alexa ranking...

2 Mar 29, 2005 11:19

I don't know why Topanga approved this one. It's been taken off the blacklist. Those of you who already have it should click on the green tick next to it's entry.

3 Mar 29, 2005 13:37

Why I approved it : because it does not look like a blog or something to refers.
Every day there are more than 400 spamhitsreferrals.
We do it by hand.

So if once in a while by mistake there is a genuine one, please excuse me/us, and point me/us to it.
We will correct it as soon as possible (like Graham did allready)

4 Mar 29, 2005 13:49

Lol, we all make mistakes, I looked through my blacklist after reading this and found I still had tin-men blocked from when my antispam got him



5 Mar 29, 2005 16:07

Thanks for the prompt action - and it can't be much fun taking on the spammers at their own game - you are, of course, totally forgiven!

6 Apr 06, 2005 15:08

No problem of course. Thank you again for the tedious work Topanga :)

You all might want to check for in your antispam list too... (I had it blocked on 2 of my b2evo installs...)

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