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Started by on May 29, 2005 – Contents updated: May 29, 2005

1 May 29, 2005 11:46    

Thanks for all your hard work!

My wife and I have our blogs up at:
(mine - english)
(my wifes - mostly Japanese, some English)

We modified the simple sky skin a little - moved the sidebar to the right etc. Good skin but my wife wanted the sidebar on the right. Have had a few problems with things not displayin properly in Japanese browsers, and the Japanese text doesnt always render properly in english firefox. The joys of multibyte language encoding;) The XHTML isnt valid either yet, but one step at a time.

Anyway any comments or criticism would be most appreciated.



2 May 31, 2005 22:47

I think both sites look great.

3 Jun 06, 2005 01:28

thanks for the positive feedback.
had a chance to check it out this weekend myself with IE on WindowsXP and it all looks to be working fine.

currently working on putting a mambo skin together which matches the skin we are using for the blogs. half done:)

keep on rockin' :p

4 Jun 06, 2005 02:23

Looks great, but it does not validate ;)

Otherwise a fresh design

5 Jun 06, 2005 04:47

150 errors! some of them mine.

a lot of them though are from the japanese encoding on the page. fixing that could be tricky. anyone have any experience with this?


6 Aug 22, 2005 12:08

Love your site :D ... and the Japanese pages show up perfectly on both my English and Japanese IE browser ;)

Actually, I'm also trying to make an English-Japanese blog as follows:
Blog A = English
Blog B = Japanese
Blog All (index blog) = all posts from blog A & B

However, I'm also having a hell of a fun time with Japanese encoding problems. Even when I set Main Locale to Japanese, I get errors (the title of the blog is in Japanese). Any idea how to fix this?

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