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Captcha without the use of the GD library like phpbb

Started by on Jun 07, 2005 – Contents updated: Jun 07, 2005

Jun 07, 2005 22:39    

I already finished a while ago the captcha code for autoregistration in a multiblogging system i am testing right now with the base of b2evolution.

I saw people were struggling with GD library etc.
With my code you dont need the use of GD Library

I must admit that the basic code is not my code, but code from phpBB.
I slightly changed some things and now it is possible to use it in b2evo for the use of Captcha ala verification.

You can download it from


Jun 12, 2005 20:12

For who had downloaded my script, i forget to add this code in the
installation document :



Edit    :  htsrv/register.php
  Search for  :  require_once( dirname(__FILE__)."/$htsrv_dirout/$core_subdir/_main.php" );
  Add    :  
  function GetRandomChar() {
  // Seed with microseconds since last "whole" second
  // Use random number 1-2, if 1, we generate a number 0-9 (ascii 48 to 57),
  // if it was 2, we generate an uppercase character (ascii 65 to 70),
  switch (mt_rand(1,2)) {
  case 1:
          $BAErandchar = mt_rand(48, 57);
  case 2:
          $BAErandchar = mt_rand(65, 90);
  return chr($BAErandchar);

Sorry for that.
So you can download it again, or just add this code to you current raptors-captcha b2evomod installation.


Dec 19, 2005 03:12

Where do i actually download this,? or view it in action?
Because ur site isnt in English, so i don't understand anything on that site.

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