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Adding custom fields

Started by on Jul 06, 2005 – Contents updated: Jul 06, 2005

Jul 06, 2005 06:48    

Hi there.

I am trying to figure out how (if I can) to add extra fields to show up when I post an entry to my blog. I want to record how far I ran each day, what the weather was like etc with each post. Is there an easy way to do this or do I need to add the fields to the database and post page manually?


Jul 06, 2005 06:54

Is there any reason you can't just type this info in at the top (or bottom) of your post in the regular field? What you're talking about is going to require hacking around on core files, adding database columns, etc. Do you need to have that data separate so you can graph it or something?

Jul 06, 2005 07:10

Thats right, I'd like to be able to graph the data.
I was thinking that I could just search all the post for tags like

Miles: xxxx

and graph that, but seperate fields would always be easier :-)

Jul 06, 2005 07:47

Are there any plug-ins out there that anybody knows of that
search for tags in blog entries and creates statistics on the values?

Jul 06, 2005 09:08

In b2evo 0.9.0.x there are no plugins/hacks for separate fields.

Jul 06, 2005 09:11

Yeap, but is there plugins that will parse the posts for fields to would be nice; might have to do it myself hey?

Jul 06, 2005 21:19

I would like to have some custom fields too.

Is there any possibility or idea where i should search in the coding?


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