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1 Jul 13, 2005 09:30    

So, a while back [url=]I complained over in the Feature request forum[/url] about how the antispam tab in the backend was not optimal (that topics now locked). That is, as the size of our blacklists grow so does the time it takes to render and download the antispam tab.

So, I've implemented a quick hack that turns off the displaying of the large table in b2antispam.php by default (although it allows the user to click on a link if they do in fact desire to work with the whole table).

(For reference, I'm running b2evo

If you'd like to test this hack out, back-up your admin/b2antispam.php file and apply the following patch or download my b2antispam.php file.

Download the file: If applying a patch is not your style, download [url=]this b2antispam.php file[/url] which includes the modifications. Rename the file to b2antispam.php and place it in your blog/admin directory.

Applying the patch: Download [url=]this patch file[/url] and apply the patch to the stock b2antispam.php file by typinig

patch < b2antispam.php.20050712.patch.txt

in your blog/admin directory.

2 Jul 13, 2005 17:40

I'm using [url=]edB's antispam recheck hack[/url]. It has a side effect of not displaying the the whole antispam list. The main purpose of it is to allow you to quickly recheck antispam entires and to keep track of which are already rechecked. So, when you update your blacklist, run this and it gets rid of any spam you were already hit with.

3 Jul 13, 2005 17:55

Cool! EdB continues to impress... I'll never be a hacker of his ability. I put this out there as a simple mod... not trying to do anything particularly complicated like rechecking...

4 Jul 22, 2005 16:50

in case somebody is interested, the hack works great in to...
this is a lifesaver if you have 2000+ banned keywords and domains like me

5 Jul 25, 2005 08:18

The first step is to alter your antispam table to add a new field for checked or not. This is the code phpmyadmin showed me after I added the field.

How does one do this??
I can get into the table but I don't know how to add a field.

6 Jul 25, 2005 15:29

Are you using phpmyadmin?

If so, then go to the query window. On my host there's a little icon that says 'SQL' that sits just above the list of tables in my database. Once you're at the query window, just paste in edB's code:

ALTER TABLE `evo_antispam` ADD `aspm_checked` ENUM( 'needs', 'gotit' ) DEFAULT 'needs' NOT NULL

Click go and then the extra column will be created.

7 Jul 25, 2005 22:04

Oh ... I mis understood... I thought that was what was displayed after you made the alteration. Thanks for the help!

9 Sep 01, 2005 02:29

Okay I'm returning to this battle after a month of moving.

I am starting with this tool and now I'm getting this error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: list_antispam_short() in /home/purpleme/public_html/blog/admin/antispam.php on line 517

10 Sep 01, 2005 02:40

I'm assuming you're using my antispam recheck tool part3 here, so please forgive if you're using a different hack. Basically you are getting the error because you did not create the new function.

Next you need to add a new function to conf/hacks.php to list only the un-rechecked files. If you don't have that file it's because you didn't create it, and if you create it b2evo will read it. In versions 1 and 2 I added it to b2evocore/_functions_antispam.php but it's better in the hacks file. Anyway add this to that:

* list_antiSpam_short(-)
* Extract anti-spam that have not been rechecked
function list_antiSpam_short()
global $DB, $querycount, $tableantispam, $res_stats;

$sql = "SELECT aspm_ID, aspm_string, aspm_source, aspm_checked
FROM $tableantispam
WHERE aspm_checked = 'needs'
ORDER BY aspm_string ASC";
$res_stats = $DB->get_results( $sql, ARRAY_A );

I hope that comes across in the forums properly. Basically add that function to your conf/hacks.php file and you'll be good to go.

I should make a zip of all it takes to get that done, ESPECIALLY since a bit from part1 or part2 isn't clearly explained in part3. Minor non-function-impacting bit, but a bit nonetheless. Someday, but not today.

11 Sep 01, 2005 03:01

Nah I have that bit added to the file.

12 Oct 11, 2007 17:01

So does that tab really work?
I'll really need it for my blog.. I'll download it and after that I'll express my thoughts about it too..
Best regards
"What a grand thing, to be loved! What a grander thing still, to love!" - Victor Hugo

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