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1 Nov 25, 2003 21:34    

After editing and copying over the files for b2evo I now get a Interneal Server Error 500 when I try and do the database install. This makes me thing that maybe something is not set to the correct permision?

I'm not really sure what I would have done wrong otherwise... I know that I have edited the _config.php file to the correct atribbs. And I have created the DB as well... If anyone has some thoughts about this they would be most welcome )

Thanks much


2 Nov 25, 2003 22:01

I've had some problems with that too, but it seems like the solution is removing your .htaccess file. Back it up first, then delete it from the root directory of your blog.

Hope that helps!


3 Jul 02, 2004 01:13

I had the same problem... and there isn't any .htaccess file in the directories... actually by default the package only contains a sample.htaccess file...

Any clue?

4 Jul 06, 2004 17:35

Does your host give you access to an error log?

This can happen when Apache gets an invalid configuration through the httpd.conf and .htaccess files. For example, if you create an infinite rewrite loop with mod_rewrite, or turn on AcceptPathInfo when it's already on, or something like that.

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