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1 Jul 31, 2005 07:08    

Hey there,

Of the many, many, many, ever-so-many referral spams I've scraped off my evoblog (I've already done all the tricks here so far, but the asshats keep coming), I have yet to get a single legit referral from any .info or .biz domain, anywhere, ever.

Reading today's SANS report kind of cast that into sharp relief for me - it's [url=]here[/url] if you're interested in reading it. Made me think, and nope, not one single legit referral. So, bewm, I want to add them to my antispam list.

Anyhow, when I went to do this, .info added just fine, but .biz didn't work - b2evo says the ban must be 5 chars or more. Short of dropping into the mysql shell, how do I add .biz to my blacklist?


3 Jul 31, 2005 18:43

Edit admin/b2antispam.php to allow 4 letter items.

	// Check if the string is too short,
	// it has to be a minimum of 4 characters to avoid being too generic
	if( strlen($keyword) < 4 ) {
		echo '<div class="panelinfo">';
		printf( '<p>'.T_('The keyword [%s] is too short, it has to be a minimum of 4 characters!').'</p>', $keyword);
		echo '</div>';

4 Jul 31, 2005 18:47

Many thanks to you both... ;)

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