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1 Dec 01, 2003 16:20    

Can anyone point me towards the correct class that controls the format for the headings of the different sections on the comments page?

They are the ones that say:

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Please help! This is driving me crazy!! :crazy:


2 Jan 12, 2004 02:37

That depends on the skin or template you're using. If you can't find it in the php, I'd say the easiest way to do it is to look at the page in your browser, and then view the source, and look at what classes and id's are being used where.

In my skin, they're in

.bPost h4 { ... }

Not sure if this is "standard" or not.

3 Aug 08, 2006 22:06

You need to check for hte class ids in the source of hte page from the View-Source form the top menu bar.
Rika K

4 Aug 09, 2006 00:24

Hi Rita K. I'm wondering why you dragged up a thread over 2 years old. Could it be to push the link I just removed? Methinks thou dost spam us!

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