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1 Dec 15, 2003 18:16    

Just wanted to say, that almost 100% of my german translation is finished, though I haven't yet integrated b2evo into my site.

Because of this, there sure will be some minor issues with the meaning of words/phrases that I have to check out.

But if anybody wants to try it, he's invited to drop me a note.

This post is also to prevent someone from doing this again.. :)

2 Dec 15, 2003 18:54

Excellent work! :D

Have you mailed it to Francois yet? If you mail it to him, it will be included in the CVS right away, and it will also be included in the next release of b2evolution. He has said he accepts partial translations, so you don't have to work out all the quirks at once. You can find his email at if you don't have it.


3 Dec 15, 2003 20:01

Yes pleaaaaase! Mail me this translation!

5 Jan 02, 2004 17:06


is a download for the german translation available or is it possible that you send it to me.


6 Jan 02, 2004 17:15

Forget it, I found the translation on sourceforge -> CVS


7 Jan 02, 2004 17:19

You can [url=*checkout*/evocms/b2evolution/blogs/locales/de_DE/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po?rev=1.2]click here[/url] to download the latest messages.po file directly from CVS. Put that file in a folder called LC_MESSAGES. Create a folder in /locales/ called de_DE, and put the LC_MESSAGES folder inside that one. The tree should then look like this:


Look at the bottom of the /conf/_locales.php file to make sure that the variable $allow_po_extraction is set to 1, ie.

# Set this to 1 if you are a translator and wish to use the .po extraction script in 
# the /locales folder. Do not allow this on production servers as people could harm
# your operations by continuously recomputing your language files.
$allow_po_extraction = 1;

In the same file, edit the $locales array to add an entry for de_DE, for example like this:

#  and localization:
# Add what you need and comment what you don't need
$locales = array(
	'de_DE' => array( // German, GERMANY
			'charset' => 'iso-8859-1',
			'datefmt' => 'm/d/y',	
			'timefmt' => 'H:i:s',	

Point your web browser to
Click the [Extract] link to the right of de_DE. Now the locale should be working. :)


8 Jan 02, 2004 17:20

Damn, I wrote all of that while you found out by yourself. :roll:


9 Jan 02, 2004 18:27

Thanks for your fast answer. I have download the global file from sourceforge because I have not found a way to configure my web-server (IIS 5.0) to have write access in a directory.

Now I have problems with the special german characters. In the string for 'next page' we have

'Next page' => 'N&chste Seite',

grrr Not shown correctly here.

The code in _function_bpost.php use the htmlspecialchars translation also. Is the global file at sourceforge old or have I another problem?

Can you help me with the IIS?

function next_posts_link($label='#', $max_page=0, $page='') 
	if( $label == '#' ) $label = T_('Next Page').' >>';

	global $p, $paged, $result, $request, $posts_per_page, $what_to_show;
	if ($what_to_show == 'paged') 
		global $MainList;
		if (!$max_page)	$max_page = $MainList->get_max_paged();
		if (!$paged) $paged = 1;
		$nextpage = intval($paged) + 1;
		if (empty($p) && (empty($paged) || $nextpage <= $max_page)) 
			echo '<a href="';
			echo next_posts($max_page, $page);
			echo '">'. htmlspecialchars($label) .'</a>';

Thanks Joachim

10 Jan 04, 2004 15:53

About write access for IIS, I don't really know much about IIS, but could you try right-clicking the folder you want to change, and selecting properties? I think there should be some options there (depending on your which version of Windows you're using). Just make sure that "other users" can write to the directory, and you should be fine.

About German characters, what's the problem? What do you get?


11 Jan 05, 2004 06:43

It's not really a problem because I can change the Text in the 'global' language text file. The problem is, that the german text for 'Next Page' has a special character this is translatet (html-translation) in the language file. In the function you see in my last post the character '&' is the second time translatet with html_specialchar(), so I have the 'html-code' on the page. So I removed the translation on the 'global' Textfile and it works.

-- Joe

12 Jan 05, 2004 12:02

So you're saying that in the German locale file, next page is translated to "n&chste seite" (in htmlspecialchars), and then that function does htmlspecialchars one more time on the same string, right?

Try changing the translation in the German locale to "nächste seite" (just normal writing) instead, and see how that works.


13 Jan 06, 2004 08:28

In my post before I write<<<It's not really a problem because I can change the Text in the 'global' language text file>>>.

This works. With global I wan't to say the _global.php file in the de_DE directory.


14 Jan 06, 2004 14:51

...which is generated by a script from the German locale file called messages.po. Although the important thing is, you fixed it. :)


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