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1 Sep 05, 2005 16:20    

The index.php page of my blog has been hacked by spammers. The back end of my blog is fine, so I was able to generate a static blog to go out front and redirected traffic to the Static blog:

However, I need to restore my index.php page. How do I do it?

2 Sep 05, 2005 20:33

I'm not going to answer your question straightaway but I am going to point out that Google's latest cache of your site :

shows you running b2evolution, which is not the most current release.

Now to answer your question -- you go download the MOST current release AND THE xml-rpc patch, and you upload all the files where they need to go, making sure to preserve your original _config.php.

3 Sep 06, 2005 03:11

1) The installation file says to overwrite the old files. Do I just save the old _config.php file.

2) It says to back up my database. What file is my database? Is that where the blog posts themselves are stored?

Adam Graham

4 Sep 06, 2005 05:16

1. yes
2. your database is intact

Upload all the files except the _config.php.. In fact, to be safe, I would delete ALL of the existing b2evo files except for _config.php.

You do NOT need to run the install again

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