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1 Sep 07, 2005 20:37    

main language is german and MOST of all translations are working. anyway two translations are still in english:

1.) written under the posted blog:
07.09.05 @ 16:46:34, 90 words, by xxx

2.) comments:
This entry was posted on Sep 07, 2005 at ....

Where can I change it to german?


2 Sep 08, 2005 00:18

take a look in your _main.php file for those lines.

I'm shure there is mentioned 'Words' and not
echo T_('Words');

But I can't see your _main.php, unless you post the code here.

3 Sep 08, 2005 01:17

You removed the b2evolution link from you blog. Not once but twice. You then ask for free help with things you can't figure out on your own. What drives behaviour like that? Basically you won't give credit to the people who wrote the code but have no problem asking for help in the parts you can't just hack up. I can't understand it at all. If it was up to me I'd ban you from the forums, but it's not. Whatever. Topanga already gave you all the information you need.

4 Sep 08, 2005 06:58

@ Guru:
I removed the standard link with the image ... that´s right, but I had a textlink at the top to b2evo. I didn´t thought that it could be a problem to change it to a text-link. Anyway the "correct" link to b2evo is on my page

@ topanga my _main.php :

<div class="bSmallHead">
	echo ' @ ';
	echo ', ';
	echo ' ', T_('words, by ');
	<a href="<?php $Blog->disp( 'blogurl', 'raw' ) ?>?author=<?php the_author_ID() ?>" title="zeige alle Blogs dieses Authors"><?php $Item->Author->prefered_name() ?></a>

kind regards

5 Sep 08, 2005 07:14

My apologies. I can't read your blog - that's true, but I noticed no linkback and therefore viewed your source and searched for "" and did not find it. What is it I missed?

Honestly, I really try to not beat that drum just for practice. I try to make sure that what I can't see isn't there, so obviously I missed it. I too use text links, having decided against using images in general.

I don't think "echo ' ', T_('words, by ');" will work. The translation feature will try to match "words, by " and can't since each component is translated independently. Try "echo ' ', T_('words'), ', ', T_('by'), ' ';" instead. I know that T_('words') is translated but I don't know if T_('by') will also translate.

I had problems in one application making multiple echos in one string work, so you might have to go with something like this:

echo ' ', T_('words');
echo ', ';
echo T_('by');
echo ' ';

I believe those problems were server-specific, but I don't know. On that server if I do something wrong I get a blank page - no error notice telling me where to look.

Hope it helps, and again I apologize for missing something I looked for but didn't find.

EDIT: some strings are translated, but in other cases only single words are translated. I don't really understand how it all works, but I took my suggestion from the 'custom' skin. IT only translates 'words' (and not 'Words') but doesn't show that 'by' will be translated.

6 Sep 08, 2005 07:41

Hi guru,

that works :-) words are now in german.
Anyway, sorry for this trouble with the backlink. I always pay attention to the people who did the programming work and stuff. I´m not someone who is good in coding, but I try my best.

Stay save

7 Sep 21, 2005 11:47

still have a language problem with the comments :(

look at this link
all written in german but this

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is still in english :-(
how can I change it to geman?

8 Sep 21, 2005 12:15

The skins site appears to be down, so I can't download the skin you're using, but, try looking in feedback.php for that text.


9 Sep 26, 2005 18:20

ok great thanxx it works.


11 Sep 26, 2005 18:42

I will come back to you with new questions :D

12 Sep 26, 2005 18:59

Lol, bugger, I better start doing my homework huh?


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