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1 Sep 08, 2005 23:37    

I'm currently using the Movable Type skin on my blog (, and the section where the linkblog is supposed to be only shows the separate titles for the link entries, and no actual links. The linkblog shows up on any other skin that supports it. Except for the MT skin. It's the skin I like the most, and I'd like to get the linkblog working for it.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you

2 Sep 09, 2005 00:22

Looks to me like you've got linkblog categories with no actual posts in them. One can see that the skin itself works [url=]here[/url] so if it's not working for you it may be something you did? Only guessing. It's possible the skin went belly up when you unzipped it and uploaded it. I suggest getting a fresh copy of the skin and unzipping it then replacing what you have on your server.

3 Sep 09, 2005 01:51

Well, I have links in the entries, it was all imported in and they show up fine in other skins. I'll try reuploading it.

EDIT: I deleted what I had in my skins folder, I redownloaded and reuploaded it to my skins folder, and it didn't do anything.

4 Sep 09, 2005 03:02

Oh I remember this skin!

It did some nasty stuff to me due to the way/pc/utility it was zipped up. I just now tried to install it on my blog but got a gross failure error - that's what reminded me.

The basic problem that I experienced goes like this: every file in that skin, by the time it lives on the server, has ALL the stuff on one line. You can see it by uploading THEN downloading THEN opening what you just downloaded in an editor. For me they look like crap. My method of resolution, which MIGHT help you is as follows:

  • Unzip MT_dot_org.

  • Open every file in an editor.

  • Save the file even though you've changed nothing.

  • NOTE: You might want to add a space then backspace it out just to make sure you're editor thinks you changed the file.

  • Now upload the NEW BUT UNMODIFIED version of those files to your server.[/list:u]

  • After going through this little process I was able to use the skin, and my linkblog entries showed up - although I did get a few errors due to missing the hackage my skins need. The important part is that my linkblog showed entries instead of just categories. Oh hey: have you done any hacks to core files? It's possible that if you did your hacks are affecting this skin, not that I can guess what or why. Just a thought... I just caught where you said "...imported...". What did you import from? Are you quite certain your linkblog posts are actually in your designated linkblog? I don't know anything about other blog apps, but b2evolution uses a designated blog as the linkblog. Given that I see categories in your linkblog section on this skin I believe that means you've got that piece of it under control, so I'll bet someone else's last dollar it's something about the funny zipping, and that saving-without-editing will hook you up. (I'm fishing for resolution here - take no offense okay?)

5 Sep 09, 2005 04:49

I imported my entries and linkblog from b2e, where they were on my previous host. So I only uploaded everything to my own domain. I went from b2e to b2e, I didn't go from anything else to b2e.

I'll try what you said tomorrow. Thanks.

EDIT: And no, I haven't done any hacks.

6 Sep 11, 2005 19:45

I forgot to check back, but that didn't work either.

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