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1 Sep 09, 2005 19:17    

O.K. - I know that they are not random... but the Dots that appear on the first story of a group on my RSS feed... as well as before an image... as well as other places just seem downright irritating.

I know it has something to do with the <ul> or the <?php or something... but I am not sure what, and experimentation has gotten me very little except how to make the dot an outline rather than solid.

I am wondering if anyone knows what can be done to eliminate the dots that show up...

Also... on a related issue... why does the RSS feeds replace apostraphes with question marks?

as in it?s very irritating that it does this.

3 Sep 09, 2005 19:49

I copied the magpierss.php from another page where I was usign the <ul><li> deal... Just took that out from the beginning and ending of the block and presto!

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