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1 Sep 10, 2005 18:24    

I have a Forum site and a gallery site installed. I want my blog site integrated with them, is that possible?
Some info below:
Forum site: phpBB2.0.17
Gallery site: Coppermine Photo Gallery1.4.1 (beta)
Either of them has a separated database, the same as my blog site.

I dont need them to share caches or cookies, I just want them to share or synchronize some tables of the databases. Because i found some figures are similar in user registration like User Name, Password and Email fields, and i wondering whether i can make users register under anyone of the three and they will at the same time be the members of the other two sites? Please show me how or give some suggestions if that probably can be done! Thanks in advance!

2 Sep 10, 2005 18:46

In Coppermine, you can use the phpbb database. Look in the documentation the bridge section.

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