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1 Sep 11, 2005 22:18    

Does anybody know if this is possible? I want it to show in my sidebar on all of my blogs, but not in the main post area of all of my blogs... (FWIW, I'm thinking of something similar to TypeLists on typepad...) Thanks in advance!!!

2 Sep 11, 2005 23:58

I'm not sure I understand. Linkblogs do go in your sidebar. It's possible to display the linkblog in the main area, since it is, after all, a blog of it's own. But you can always just not provide a link for showing the linkblog in the main area. You can set in the Backoffice for it now to be included in the bloglist. I think the linkblog does most of what TypeLists do. If you want to add book and movie covers, then you might try [url=]this hack[/url]. Please let me know if I'm misunderstanding you.

3 Sep 12, 2005 18:03

Got it figured out... apparently, I inadvertently changed the "default linkblog" - and I'm going to try those hacks down the road... thanks for your help!!

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