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Started by on Dec 27, 2003 – Contents updated: Dec 27, 2003

1 Dec 27, 2003 10:22    

i can't find a zh_CN dir under /locales.
does it mean that,a messages.po for zh_CN is not yet available?

if not,i think i have to do this work myself :( .

2 Dec 27, 2003 11:08

That's right, there is no Chinese translation yet. I think I can safely say that Francois would be very pleased if you started translating b2evolution to Chinese. :)

Funky M wrote:

As far as I know, there isn't any translation of b2evolution to traditional Chinese yet. You can make one, if you want to. Just get [url=]poEdit[/url], open the messages.pot file in /locales/, translate a little (or a lot), and save it as messages.po. (...)

If you feel satisfied with your (partial) translation, you can follow the instructions [url=]here[/url] to use it. You can mail it to Francois (find his email address at, and it will be included into the next release of b2evolution. :)

I think you'll be surprised at how easy it is to translate with poEdit. It's just point, click, write and save.
If you decide to translate, you can make an important contribution to b2evolution in just a few hours. :)


3 Dec 27, 2003 15:48

657 chines in message.po! i can't finish it until die. haha :roll:

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