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1 Sep 13, 2005 00:52    

version 'amsterdam'

i dont know if this is a known bug, but i am no longer seeing any post after i edit a comment from the comment edit console.
sorry, i dont know all the correct terms yet as im a total newbie, but here goes.
im logged in, someone makes a comment, i reply with a comment of my own. i need to edit my comment, so i click edit. i am then taken to the admin comment edit console and make my changes. now heres the problem. when i hit 'save', i cannot always see the results of my edits, only the 'post details: post title' header then its blank underneath.
this does not always happen, but it does the majority of the time.
my files are untouched apart from a simple anti-spam hack where the 'htsrv' folder was renamed, etc and ive recently added the 'amsterdam' patch
any help appreciated
thank you

2 Sep 13, 2005 01:26

Quick response despite the fact that I dont think it's applicable: is your time offset (diff between your time and your server time - set in your back office on the settings tab regional subtab) correct? A way to verify is to hit your write tab and look at 'blog time' in the top area. If it is your current time then you're a-o-kay. If not then you're not right in that regard.

Standard response: give us a link with an example to show what's happening. We can do a heck of a lot more by seeing a link than by hearing a description.

Either way, it's a beautiful day!

3 Sep 13, 2005 01:29

I had a similar issue when writing the [url=]Post Redirect Hack[/url]:
kwa wrote:

Known Bugs
The only known bug (at the moment) is an incompatibility in the b2evolution backoffice Edition tab display when the Auto Links filter plug-in is activated on a redirection post using a URL as parameter. The display of the Edition tab may appear corrupted: you click on an Edit button and instead of editing the expected post, you edit another one!

Try to deactivate the Auto Links filter. Does it help?

This filter is not very clever... making it pretty buggy. It replaces the links inside comments making the comment going on instead of stopping where it should.

4 Sep 14, 2005 17:20

no, it didnt make a difference, but thanks anyway

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