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1 Sep 14, 2005 08:44    


another newbie question: I have 3 blogs, and - for each one' sidebar - I want to insert a different image at the same height (i.e., a different banner after the description).
I tried to do it by modifying _main.php, but what I got is the same image shown in every sidebar :°
I think this problem is somewhat related to "stub" stuff, but I don't know exactly what to do :°

Thank you guys, you're divine!


2 Sep 14, 2005 15:04

The best way to get a different look on each blog is to use a different skin. You can make a copy of the folder for the skin you're using and then make your changes to the copy. So, if all three blogs were using custom, then make three new folders: custom1, custom2, custom3 and copy all the files and folders from custiom to each of the new folders. Now change each of the new skins to add your image or whatever else you want to customize. Then, in the backoffice, set blog one to use custom1 as the skin, and so on.

3 Sep 14, 2005 15:41

Nice hint, thank you!!!

4 Sep 14, 2005 17:57

The only problem I see with that is that if you make significant changes to the layout of your skin, you have to worry about remembering to copy those changes to each copy of the skin you've made to maintain consistency.

An alternate way of accomplishing what you want, and only having to maintain one copy of the skin, is to add this to your body tag (or to the specific DIV wherein you want to show the changed image) in _main.php:

<body id="header<?php echo $blog ?>">


<div id="header<?php echo $blog ?>">

That will ID your body tag, or the specific DIV tag, as "header2" or "header3", etc, depending on the number of the blog in question.

Then, in your stylesheet, simply create a new style (rather than a whole new skin) for each of your blogs...

#header2 {
background : url(img/background2.jpg);

#header3 {
background : url(img/background3.jpg);

I like this method because you only have to worry about a separate style block for each blog, instead of a whole separate skin for each blog. Any little changes you make to the layout or appearance of one blog will automatically carry over to all your other blogs.

I've re-enabled my skin switcher temporarily on my blog, if you want to see this in action on a customized kubrick2evo skin which I did a while back:
If you look at the source for each of the 3 blogs, you'll see:
<div id="header2"> or <div id="header3"> or <div id="header4">.


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