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1 Sep 27, 2005 03:33    

Hi, maybe we can help with some editing for the developers as we see stuff popup in cvs? I'm not sure where to post stuff like this, so I'll start here.

A big one that I see is "Priviledged Bloggers". The correct spelling is Privileged.

On the Blogs tab under General settings at "Allow Skin Switching" the word "prefered" should have two r's.

Under Stats the "referers" and "refering" subtabs should both have two r's. This also goes for the pages themselves which those tabs link to.

Can add more as time allows and snooping reveals.

2 Sep 27, 2005 23:41

Okay, I made the changes for privileged and preferred. I did not change referer though because of this:

So I cannot actually do a search & replace without breaking the app and would have to check each occurence (100+) by hand. This would take too much time right now.

Anyway, I'm definitely willing to correct as many misspellings as possible.
You can mail them to me directly if you want.

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