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1 Oct 18, 2005 14:57    

I took some advice from one of the forum topics here and reduced the number of displayed banned URLs to 50 entries on my Antispam page. Now I find I want to reinstate one of these URLs, banned in error, that is no longer visible.

How do I find the master file to delete this url from the list? I've searched for hours! Obviously I am not a PHP guru or I would have found the file.

Any help would be great!


2 Oct 18, 2005 16:56

On your anti-spam tab you'll see this line on the bottom :
The blacklist contains more than 100 items. [Click here to display].

When you click on the 'click here to display' you'll see the complete list.
Then click on the green thing before the 'wrong' url...

3 Oct 18, 2005 18:09

Sorry I should have mentioned that I'm running b2evolution and don't see the line you are speaking of.

4 Oct 18, 2005 18:13

Ah...found the hack...thanks!

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