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can't delete category [fixed]

Started by on Oct 29, 2005 – Contents updated: Oct 29, 2005

Oct 29, 2005 15:08    

i am having b2evolution 0.9.1. "dawn".

I can not delete a categorie. when i click on "X" then comes a question: do you want to delete? - i click on OK - but then he goes to the the section "new entry in blog".

the same picture is, when I want to make a new categorie or I want to make a new user group.

what should i do? changing the permissions? please help me. thanks! :'(


Nov 20, 2005 18:40

This was a browser issue, behaving funny on "?action=xx" links (where the .php page / requested URL is missing before the parameters).

We've fixed this together in CVS. It should be included in the next maintenance release for 0.9.1 and for Phoenix of course.

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