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Preview shows incorrect Time [fixed]

Started by on Nov 08, 2005 – Contents updated: Nov 08, 2005

Nov 08, 2005 15:41    


I'm running my b2evolution (v.0.9.1) on a server.
As the time of the blogs should be displayed as EDT (New York) I've set the option time difference to -6.

If new posts are made the time for these posts is displayed correctly. However when just viewing the preview of a new post, the time shown is not correct.
[u]Example:[/u] I tried at 3:00 pm local time (Germany) and the time shown in the preview is 8:00 pm. Even if I set the time difference to 0 the time 8:00 pm is shown in the preview.

The website is currently only in an internal testing environment, so I'm not able to simply send you a link to it.

I'm running b2evolution on Linux (Debian Sarge) with Apache 2, PHP 4, MySQL 4.1.

Let me know if you need further information.

Thanks and Kind regards


Nov 08, 2005 17:58

I was not able to replicate this problem. My server time is 2 hours earlier than my blog time, but the preview shows the correct blog time. Do you get this problem on every skin you have installed?

Nov 08, 2005 21:18

I've done some more checks and found that this issue only exists if the user level is below 5.
The reference manual specifies that only users with a level of 5 and above have the ability to edit timestamp on posts, however in my opinion this influences also the preview of posts which it shouldn't.

Nov 09, 2005 04:55

Yes, this would be a bug then and I'm happy you could reproduce this so exactly.

Could you please check this on the [url=]demo site[/url] both with 0.9.1 (where it should be buggy, too) and "Phoenix"?

I'll look into it then later.[/url]

Nov 09, 2005 20:10

I checked the demo for v.0.9.1 and this version has the same issue I reported.
With the development v.1.6-CVS I had difficulties to test the issue, because whenever I create a testuser and set the user level for this user to something below 5 I get the following message:

Parameter «item_issue_date» is required!

So in this case something else is stopping the testuser from viewing the preview. Saving works fine.

Nov 10, 2005 01:53

You've just found another bug with "Phoenix" then. Nice one ;)

I'll fix those in the next days.

Thank you.

IMHO it's ok with 0.9.1 to just ignore this bug, as it does no harm. It's just an "aestetical" issue.

Nov 11, 2005 13:22

I fully agree, its not urgent to fix this. Once a next update is planned this can be fixed.
Thank you.

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