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1 Dec 15, 2005 23:08    

When someone wants to view all posts by a specific author, the title displays:
Author(s): [AuthorID]

And then i tried making it so there can be multiple authors which you can view so in the url:

And that didnt work.

So can we get it so it says:
Author: [AuthorPreferredName]

As only one author can be selected, and a name is more usefull than a ID.

2 Dec 15, 2005 23:12

That was starting to bug me when I saw it happening. Not so bad for a single blogger, but pretty poor when there are a lot of bloggers. Showing the preferred name instead of the blogger ID shouldn't be too big a deal eh?

3 Dec 15, 2005 23:19

Well don't ask me to do it....
I'm still a newb to the b2evocore files ;)

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