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Auto-changing default blog ?!

Started by on Dec 29, 2005 – Contents updated: Dec 29, 2005

Dec 29, 2005 23:54    

Dear All,

I'm using the b2evolution blog system (b2evo v and I've been experiencing twice a very strange behavior :

Sometimes, without any changes in the administration, the default blog of my b2evo blogs switch to "blog n°7", which means that people connecting to my site :

instead of being directed to are actually directed to

In the sametime, this blog 7 default skin in changed to an other one (not its usual one).

This happened about one month ago, I changed the settings manually to put in back into order. Still it switched to N°7 and another skin several times, so I had to fix it manually. Then this strange behavior stopped for weeks, and today it comes back.

Does anyone of you have a clue about what it could come from ?
Hacking would be quite supprizing since it's always happens the same way. By the way, in which file are this settings stored ? is it possible to lock this file ?

many thanks in advance for your kind help... I'm a kind of lost I must say... :(

Dec 30, 2005 04:33

My guess is that one of the other users has access to changing the default blog and skin and they are changing it. You might want to check access levels.

Dec 30, 2005 11:41

thanks for your reply.

At the moment my bloggers are all trusted friends so I would be very surprised if one of them would act so (but we never know our friends...). Actually I don't think it could come from a user, especially if changing twice the same blog. Maybe from a hack...?

Dec 30, 2005 19:23

Those settings are stored in DB, so it's not possible to "lock those settings".

A guess would be that with "Settings / General" in the backoffice, the currently selected default blog is not displayed in the "Display options" fieldset. And when you click "Save" there, is gets reset. You could easily check if that is the case. Probably not.

If I understand you correctly this is the place where Blog #7 gets set/displayed as default blog? If that's the case there must be someone changing it.

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