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Problem with URL / stub file

Started by on Jan 12, 2006 – Contents updated: Jan 12, 2006

Jan 12, 2006 10:12    


I posted this problem to the section "General questions" but got no answer. So maybe it's not a mistake by myself but a bug.

My problem: After an upgrade from "Paris" to "Dawn" I have some problems with URLs or stub files.

Before upgrading, I could access an page via "", "" and "".

But now, I get in troubles when using "" and "", whereas "" works fine.

It seems, this partly depends on the used browser. Opera 8.5 (OS X) and Camino 0.8.4 can only access "", whereas Safari accepts "/stub/" but creates an "URL not found"-error using "/stub/index.php".

I used the old stub-files of the Paris version, but compared them before and found no differenced to the new ones. May anybody help me?



Jan 12, 2006 15:28

hello Jande,

Welcome to the forums :)

In the future, Please dont crosspost. Theres a good chance that if a first question isnt answered its because no-one has an answer, or someone that might hasnt seen your post yet, or perhaps they need more information to help. Crossposting clutters the forum needlessly; I think we would all prefer a timely bump to your original post, rather than another post in another area.

Ive also moved this post from the "Bugs in 1.0" area since Dawn is 0.x.

As fas as your original question goes, it might be helpful to provide a link to your problem. I, having access to your email, know where your site is, but others do not.


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