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Missing File in 1.6alpha? (admin/charts.txt)

Started by on Jan 18, 2006 – Contents updated: Jan 18, 2006

Jan 18, 2006 01:02    

My server logs are showing a file not found error since installing 1.6 alpha (clean install). The file is admin/charts.txt, so I'm guessing it's why the stats charts aren't showing referrers, though they are showing direct accesses and banned stats.??

No biggie, just thought I'd mention it since no one else has. I re-DL'd the install files & didn't see it in there, so unless I missed something or have a permissions issue, it seems like a missing file.

Jan 22, 2006 14:50

its loaded by rsc/charts.swf, its to make it so instead of doing charts.swf?variables u stick the variables in there.

But b2evo uses the charts.swf?variables aproach, that seems quite wierd, as that means each time you will be reloading the 111kb flash file, instead of the flash file chaching and the variables being loaded via the txt file.
But then i spose you would need to make the txt file dynamic (actually a php file) so then that is a problem.

So to fix it i rekon would be to recompile the charts.swf file without that line of code, or simply make a blank charts.txt file.

Maybe the devs of b2evo could change it so it loads chartvars.php that prints the variables so that way the flash file can cache, so page load goes down.

Jan 22, 2006 19:43

Hi Balupton-
Thanks for the info. I figured it was someting like that, since everything is running fine.

By the way, referrers & referring searches are showing up stats fine now - it was just a new installation and hadn't yet started getting referrals when I wrote that.

Lovin' 1.6 & looking forward to final release so I can start hacking away at it. B)

Jan 22, 2006 22:45

Lovin' 1.6 & looking forward to final release so I can start hacking away at it. B)

I think that the hacks would be fine as long as they dont touch any mysql commands.

But the plugins have been getting major changes in them in each release eg. 0.9 1.6 1.7(CVS)

And u could always join us on the skinning part ;)

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