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1 Jan 18, 2006 13:36    

I cant find any documentation on this, so here goes.

I found out that if someone in the blog (Phoenix) wanted to have an email subscribtion then users have to register themselves first and then subscribe when logged in.

When you want to subscribe it says
"Check this to receive a notification whenever one of your posts receives comments, trackbacks, etc. "

But then you only get an email when someone comments one of youre posts. I thought the whole idea as mentioned
"Mailing lists: Subscriptions for new posts and/or new comments (fplanque)"
Was that you could get an email when anybody posted to the blog.

Since it was in the new section on Phoenix i thought it was something entirely new, as you could do the exact same thing in version 0.9.1 in the User administration!

So do I need to find a hack to make a new user subscribe on all posts via email, or is something not functioning
right, or is there some other configuration I have missed.

I really do need this, because we are about to launch a blog for our Public Library and politicians need a little help before migrating to rss which I think would be far more easy.

Hope someone has an answer or can find some kind of documentation


2 Jan 18, 2006 15:04

I don't have a 'clean' 1.6 running - I'm using a fairly recent CVS version, and I have an option to subscribe to posts or comments for each blog. Maybe that's one of the things that makes an alpha be an alpha?

3 Jan 18, 2006 15:50

Ohh Cr...

I have 1.6 alpha from the download section, but dont know enough of CVS to change to the most recent version of 1.6. Is it possible to just download the newest version and then upload the whole thing without a new install???

Well that makes most of the work converting skins a bit of a waste of time, since it was to use that facility I upgraded in the first place :-(

Thanks for the reply


4 Feb 22, 2006 03:50

Mine's v1.6 "Phoenix Alpha" 2005-11-25 out of the box. I have options to subscribe to all available blogs - both new post & new comments.

If you're not receiving any email notification, one possibility could be your email address. If you're hosted on , set your email in your profile to and test it out. If it works, that means your hosting provider does not allow php scripts to send mail outside your own domain. If you have control over your mail server settings, read this - If not, ask your hosting provider for alternatives.

My hosting provider suggested some 3rd party alternatives, I quit on them and switch provider instead! B)

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