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1 Mar 03, 2006 08:37    

Now that I have used b2e (Dawn) more than what a regular user uses it, I came up with a list for suggestions for future versions preferably for 1.6.

* Some may have already been suggested or implemented or approved to be included.

1) Separation of PHP and HTML codes especially in the SKIN files (maybe it was just the skin I am using that has both PHP and HTML combined in the files).

2) Use of the latest W3C recommendations for XhtML (probably it was just the skin I am using that's producing errors).

3) Tags Field with Tag Cloud feature (personally, I don't have a stand as to Tag vs Categories, maybe it is better to leave it to the users preference).

4) Bookmark this Post (for the lack of proper terminology) - the b2e user can choose in the settings which Bookmark services to turn-on (if I'm not mistaken, I saw recently that this might be a built-in feature in WordPress).

5) Combining both #3 and #4, there is a PHP code that will auto transform tags to the appropriate tag-rules of a certain bookmark service (ie comma vs space = tag1, tag2, tag3 vs tag1 tag2 tag3 as well as to some bookmark services wherein in:: tag 1, tag 2, tag3, tag4 vs tag_1, tag_2, tag3, tag4 vs tag_1 tag_2 tag3 tag4) [hehe, hope its clear - this is what I noticed between different bookmark services - and if a b2e user can choose which they will offer {in my list, there are currently 15 known sites that allows URL-adding}, some have a different set of rules in separating tags and tags with more than 1 word].

6) Captcha for comments.
7) More robust anti-spam features and codes (was hit recently with 247 comment-spam @_@ )

8) Maybe optional but it'll be cool, AJAX in some parts ^_^ maybe like this: When the user posts a new post, then those who are viewing the blog will automatically see a refreshed page the AJAX way - I can't remember where I saw this feature, I think a demo of an AJAX-CMS.

Hmm, I guess that's all ^_^.
Good luck to the b2e team.

I really prefer b2e over WordPress :p

2 Mar 04, 2006 06:44

All those (nearly) requests are Skin Only features, so all depends on what the Skinners want to do.
Remember that Skinners usually and mostly not Developers for B2evolution.

1) [Skin Only] This is quite a bad suggestion, php and html work flawlessly together and can really help in developing websites and applications.
Otherwise you have huge duplications of code, and your page does not look as it should in realtime as it does in preview.
Working using php and html together is great if you can do it correctly.

2) [Skin Only] Sure, But this can be a serious pain in the ass for new skinners.

3) [Not Skin Only] I treat categories as tags anyway...

4) [Skin Only] What's wrong with the user clicking the trackback link and then bookmarking?

5) [Skin Only] Don't really see the point...

6) [Skin Only] Already done, read the hacks.

7) [Skin Only] Already done, read the hacks.

8) [Skin Only] On a few skinners To-Do Lists.

So in my view become a Skinner, you can do it!

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