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Create new locale [fixed]

Started by on Mar 25, 2006 – Contents updated: Mar 25, 2006

Mar 25, 2006 14:43    

In the admin, go to "Settings", then "Regional" and at the bottom of the page, click on "Create new locale" it gives the following message of error.

error 404

Use Alpha 1.6. Please, as it is the solution?

Mar 25, 2006 14:55

I get the same error in my 1.7 (CVS) installation. I'm going to move this to the 1.* bugs forum.

Mar 25, 2006 23:25

It works in current CVS.

To fix it, go to /evocore/_set_regional.form.php and find the line which displays the link (search for "'Create new locale'").

Mar 28, 2006 03:07

Please, I am a simple user. But if give me clear instructions I can follow and solve them bug in my Blog.


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