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1 Apr 01, 2006 01:17    

Hey all,
I know it's possible to add adsense code in _main.php. What I would like to know is if I owned a multiblog site and would like users to create their own blog and add their own adsense banner, would it be possible for my users who don't have access to the source code to edit the template so they can add the javascript code like does with its console?

thanx in advance


2 Apr 04, 2006 00:57

You can do so with a plugin, through a SkinTag.

It should also be possible with version 0.9, but will be with Phoenix for sure, with more comfort.

3 Aug 08, 2006 22:09

Without access to the source code it seems unlikely. Need to try the solution mentioned above.
Rika K

4 Aug 09, 2006 00:25

Hi Rita K. I'm wondering why you would say the person needs to try the solution mentioned above when there is no solution mentioned above. Could it be to push the link I just removed? Methinks thou dost spam us!

5 Aug 10, 2006 00:25

Besides the mentioned SkinTag method, 1.8 skins should have a hook SkinBeginHtmlHead which could get used to inject the AdSense JS code, without touching the skin's code (if it supports that event hook).

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