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1 Apr 02, 2006 13:32    

I noticed that in the mail the notification function sended, there was a link to the admin page to edit or delete that article.
Also the autor was not anly mentioned by his preferred name, but also by his loginname.

Since I have a lot of readers who want to sing up for a reminder when a new post is published but only a few people who are on the admin team, I don't want those two in the mail.

I edited in evocore/_item_class.php in the function send_email_notifications( $display = true )

$notify_message .= T_('Author').': '.$this->Author->get('preferredname').' ('.$this->Author->get('login').")\n";


$notify_message .= T_('Author').': '.$this->Author->get('preferredname')."\n";


$notify_message .= T_('Edit/Delete').': '.$admin_url.'b2browse.php?blog='.$this->blog_ID.'&p='.$this->ID."\n\n";


//$notify_message .= T_('Edit/Delete').': '.$admin_url.'b2browse.php?blog='.$this->blog_ID.'&p='.$this->ID."\n\n";

Since this is hacking the core, I'm not feeling happy with it, because I will have to remember what I did.

Is there in the future a way that it will be a parameter somewhere ?

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