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1 Apr 04, 2006 01:39    

I used to be pretty comfortable in editing Php code... but everything I've tried to add this simple feature to a new skin, has failed. Has anyone added a blog list to this skin, or would like to take a shot at the correct code to do it?



2 Apr 04, 2006 02:27

I'm not sure what you mean by a bloglist, but I believe what you are talking about is called a Linkblog in b2evolution. You can read more about it here. If that doesn't work for you just copy the code from any other skin...Look in _main.php for the section on linkblogs and make sure your new skin has that same code.

Hope that helps. If I'm way off, maybe you can describe more clearly what you're trying to do.

3 Apr 05, 2006 09:56

Thank you for the suggestion Nate, but I guess I'm not describing it very well. I have two people that write in two seperate blogs, Biker and Cherry. (and the default is the "ALL Blogs" that displays blog entries from both authors.

The skin I chose originally was the crystal glass. It has (what I believe was termed a blog list) in the header, where you have two buttons to choose which blog author you want to view.

The other author that writes, liked the black/red skin. However, with that skin, there is no way for the user to switch back to the other blog. Once you are on her blog, that's where you stay... It's late, and that sentence didn't even make sense to me... my apologies.

I do know about the linkblog, and that is not what I'm talking about.

4 Apr 05, 2006 17:00

I know what you're talking about now. If you look in _main.php you should see something like this towards the top of the file:

	// --------------------------- BLOG LIST INCLUDED HERE -----------------------------
	require( dirname(__FILE__).'/_bloglist.php' );
	// ------------------------------- END OF BLOG LIST --------------------------------

I imagine that the crystal glass skin has that part and the black/red skin doesn't. Try playing around with that. (You may need to edit the black/red skin's _bloglist.php file to get it the way you want it to look...and you may also need to create it if it doesn't exist...just copy the crystal glass one and tweak it from there.)

Hope that helps.

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