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1 Apr 10, 2006 09:30    

Hi !

(This topic is a double of [url=][/url] as I think, I didn't post in the good forum)
I just passed my blog to 1.6 alpha and noticed something very annoying with antispam
My blog is at this address :
My site is there :
WWW is running a CMS with a panel linking to last 10 blog posts.

When I clic from the WWW to go to the blog, I get a 403 forbiden due to spam referer..

Well, if I put in base domain :, and as Whitlelist/normal : It appears as spam anyway.

Also, if I whitelist, etc, as Whitelist/searcheng, it appears as blacklist anyway.

Tryed to correct manually the hitlog table, thinking normal/blacklist/spam was decided usin some stats, but, it appears not..
Thanks in advance, it's annoying, because not all my own sites or google are set to spam/blacklist, while I don't want this behaviour.

Any clue ???

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