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[Hack] Debugging without the Hacking

Started by on Apr 24, 2006 – Contents updated: Apr 24, 2006

Apr 24, 2006 08:07    

Hey this is just a small hack that will allow you to debug b2evo without having to modify your _advanced.php file.

The new way of choosing wether to debug or not is to simply add;
OR if there is already a ? in the url;
To the url of your b2evo page.

Heres what you do;
Change [ Line - 34 ] [ File - \blogs\conf\_advanced.php ]


//  Set $Debug
$debug = 0;



//  Set $Debug
if( isset( $_GET['debugb2evo'] ) )
  $debug = (int)($_GET['debugb2evo']);
  $debug = 0;

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