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1 May 01, 2006 15:30    


If at word/term is blacklisted such as buy cialis, how then do spams get through when that word/term is already handled? Have I missed something in a setting? I couldn't find the answer to this question on the forum.



2 May 01, 2006 16:29

"buy cialis" is locally blocked? It is not part of the 'official' keyword list so I assume it is something you've blocked locally. Given that you're running version I can tell you that "buy cialis" won't block anything. Anything older than version 1.6 only blocks URLs, and URLs don't have spaces. Beginning with 1.6 b2evolution will scan comment text for a match, and therefore would block a comment that contained exactly that phrase.

I'm pretty sure this is the way it all worked and works. If I'm wrong I hope someone comes along and straightens me out!

3 May 01, 2006 21:46


Thanks for the information, it was really helpful. Hopefully my ISP will install a new version, but for now I'll just ban the urls.



4 May 02, 2006 00:39

For the record I suggest upgrading to .9.1 as soon as you possibly can. 1.6 is an alpha release and not really 'right' for everyone, but .9.1 did some groovy stuff to lighten the load on your server when a spammer comes around. .9.1 doesn't scan comments for keywords so you'll still be banning matches in the URL but that's not the end of the world. cialis- and cialis. are in the keyword list and they covers a lot of different spam sites.

If you haven't already you should check out the two stickies at the top of this forum for spam battling info.

5 Jun 17, 2006 11:35

I do not for the life of me understand why ppl think we would want all that useless garbage on our websites. What ever happened to good manners and common sense? Don't they know we will delete and ban them as soon as we find out that our site now offers a direct link to buy sex pills?

I am very glad to hear that the 1.6 upgrade will address the keywords more.
I will be updating to the 9.1 first chance I get and then again to 1.6 afterwards.

Evo has been a God send for us and we thank the team for the hard word and effort and are proud to display the pre installed links on our blog.

We only wish we could contribute to the great job that has already been done.

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