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When correcting nested p in <--more--> the filewas cor

Started by on May 23, 2006 – Contents updated: May 23, 2006

May 23, 2006 17:36    

I am usin ver 0.9.1. and are very pleased.
During a validating check i got an error message about nested p.

Example: <p>some text <--more--> <br />
<p>further text</p>
The topic is covered elswhere in the forum (

When I tried to correct the typing (to remove the ENTER after <--more-->
wich create an automatic <p>) and saved "Internetcafe og spam" again in my blog "Bokstavboksen" somthing went terribly wrong.
The file is blocking the view of the rest of the files.
In backoffice I can open the file for editing byt I get only the first line and with no choice of editing or deleting the file.

Is it a bug or did I create a"bug"? what to do next?

See the problem here:


May 23, 2006 21:27

Advised to enter into MySQL database.
The problem was missing -> behind <--more-!

Moral: Dont use ENTER after inserting !M in the text as this will cause nested <p>.

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